As the situation with COVID-19 continues to develop, we wanted to reach out and assure you that the health, safety, and wellbeing of our patrons, employees, artists, and volunteers are of the utmost importance to us. We want everyone to feel comfortable while attending our theatres. to that end, we are following the centers for disease control and prevention’s (CDC) direction and will continue to monitor the situation closely.
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District Theatre - Creating a Gathering Place

While the District Theatre has a strong core of consistent attendees, there is one asset that it has yet to fully capture: Mass Ave’s significant foot traffic.

Changes to the building’s lobby and exterior will provide residents a space to gather, view local art, experience live music, and get an exciting glimpse of upcoming shows.

These changes will also help the theatre provide a cohesive, comfortable, and welcoming gathering space for the community, both outside the building and throughout its interior. 

District Theatre Facelift

Eager to preserve an essential venue in Indy’s arts and culture district, the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) stepped in to assume ownership of the building and undertake necessary repairs. Rebranded the District Theatre, the former Theatre on the Square building is now operated by IndyFringe, another key player in Indy’s performing arts community.

Vandals damage Mass Ave's Artful Piano

Vandals have struck a piece of unique and interactive public art which stands outside the District Theater in the 600 block of Mass Ave. The vandalism has left IndyFringe, which unveiled the “Artful Piano” in June, looking not only for experts to repair the piano but also the funds to underwrite the effort.

The Artful Piano has been nothing but a joy to thousands of people who have played, tinkered and wondered at its history since it was placed outside The District Theatre on June 8 for Pride Parade. Unfortunately the Piano was vandalized over Labor Day weekend.

Will you help us restore this delightful addition to the Mass Ave Cultural District? As for the Artful Piano, Lee Dykstra and volunteers have moved the heavy instrument into The District Theatre to keep it safe for now.

The board is looking for an expert to diagnose and repair the piano. Jennifer Pope Baker from the CICF Women’s Fund has offered to help fund repairs and connect the theater with the artist, Aaron Underwood.

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The District Theatre joins in solidarity with African Americans and all people of goodwill decrying oppression and calling for justice. Black Lives Matter. We are committed to facilitating the articulation and expression of Black lives, values, culture, issues, and dynamics through the performing arts. We will continue cultivating and offering a platform for Black playwrights, actors, directors, producers, and those involved at all levels of stage crafts and theatre.


“Coming into this play, I was completely surprised by the history of IUPUI — how it all began. “I had no idea of the struggle and the price it actually cost to have this establishment that we have here today.” — Jay Fuqua, Actor “The Price of Progress”


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